Has Mayor Murray's needle moved yet?

For Today

Community Climate Forum

Mayor Ed Murray and city coucil member Mike O'Brien will be eating Cinco de Mayo dinner with the staff from the Office of Sustainability and Environment at city hall while discussing the findings of Murray's Moving the Needle environmental progress report since the Mayor first unveiled it on Earth Day.

RSVP for a plate dinner, an opportunity to learn about Moving the Needle, and the chance to participate in a conversation about sustainability with the aforementioned bigwigs, former councilmember Peter Steinbrueck and Joel Sisolak of Capitol Hill EcoDistrict.

Community Climate Forum, Mon, May 5, 5–7 pm, Bertha Knight Landes Room at Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave, free.

For Tuesday


The Seattle Foundation, in partnership with many other Seattle institutions, presents a full day of charitable giving from the comforts of wherever it is you access the internet. Organizations are primed to match donations by citizens to funds of their choosing from an extensive list of nonprofits. 

There are so many great nonprofits on the list. Two PubliCola favorites to consider: Futurewise and El Centro de la Raza

All donations will be stretched, so give whatever you can and see how much it can turn into. Plus, every donor is entered in a drawing to have an extra $1,000 donated in their name and a $100 Starbucks gift card. 

GiveBIG, Tue, May 6, The Seattle Foundation Website, $1+.

Community Budget Workshops

The Seattle City Council is looking for input on 2015-16 spending priorities, and will be coming to four neighborhoods to hear directly from the common folk.

Each workshop will be focused on particular departments, and will begin with a brief presentation from the City Budget Office before attendees break into small groups to discuss the details with councilmembers.

The breakdown of days, locations, and departments from the SDOT website is as follows:

Tues., May 6, 6–8pm
Human Services/Housing/Economic Development
Rainier Community Center, Multipurpose Room (Columbia City)

Wed., May 7, 6–8pm
Transportation/Land Use
Garfield Community Center, Multipurpose Room (Central Area)

Thurs., May 8, 6–8pm
University Heights Community Center, Room 209 (University District)

Wed., May 14, 6–8pm
Public Safety/Civil Rights
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Room 111 (Delridge)

For Wednesday

May "Friday" Forum

Transportation Choices Coalition's monthly Friday Forum has moved to Wednesday this month for a discussion of Benjamin Ross's book Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism. 

Suburban America used to be synonymous with friendly neighborhood barbecues, masses of kids playing safely in the streets, and generally close-knit communities of middle class families. Now, however, Ross argues that suburbia has become a term for isolated communities suffering from an overabundance of strip malls and a dependance on environment-destroying single passenger vehicles.

Join Ross and TCC to discuss the causes and impacts of this shift in suburban culture, and how the history of suburbia can influence the future of city development.

We've never had a two way conversation with god 

May Friday Forum, Wed, May 7, Noon– 1 pm, Downtown Seattle YMCA Room 123, 909 4th Ave, free. 

Advance Notice For May 15

Rabbi Donniel Hartman: Putting God Second

In this installment of Faith and Values in the Public Square, Seattle University hosts Rabbi Hartman– President of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and Director of the Engaging Israel Project– for a discussion of religion in the modern world at Town Hall. 

Despite his title and affiliations, Hartman will discuss how putting god second can help save religion from itself. 

We've never had a two-way conversation with god, but we're pretty confident he, she, it wouldn't resent being second fiddle to making the world a better place. And if he/she/it isn't on board with that, well ...

Having said that, we'll now be avoiding kites, umbrellas, and all other tall, metal objects like the plague. 

Faith and Values in the Public Square Presents Rabbi Donniel Hartman, Thu, May 15, 7–9 pm, Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, free ticket required. 

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