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Rapper Prometheus Brown (Geo Quibuyen) is definitely a multi-tasker: half of rap duo Blue Scholars, co-founder of Rappers with Cameras, and part of the “supergroup” The Bar. But the project that caught our attention is Food and Sh*t, Brown’s monthly pop-up at Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine that fuses his love of Filipino food and his artful way with strong language.

Every third Monday of the month, you can reserve a spot at one of two prix-fixe dinners and enjoy a meal based around a traditional Filipino dish, or the food of a specific region. Brown and his wife, Chera Amlag started the pop-up last year, in an effort to explore and share their own families’ histories and food traditions; the first pop-up dinner was Gumbo and Sh*t. While visiting family in the Philippines, Brown and Amlag discovered that Filipinos arrived in Louisiana around the same time as Cajuns and were the first to introduce shrimp into the spicy stew—so they decided to feature a Filipino gumbo with Seattle shrimp as their first official Food and Sh*t presentation.

This month’s pop-up, happening on Monday, May 17, is Luzviminda. The name is a portmanteau for the island groups Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and the meal is meant to exemplify the local foods of the Filipino countryside, with a Pacific Northwest twist. Here's what Brown and Amlag had to say about the dishes on the pop-up website: “We can't recreate them even if we tried—many of these provincial dishes rely on locally sourced food items that aren't available here. But…we've turned the things that have gone from local to global back to local again: taking what's available to us now and reconstructing them in our image.”

The Luzviminda menu includes kinilaw (a raw fish salad), fried pancit (stir-fry noodles), Inasal pork barbecue ribs, kambing caldereta (goat meat sautéed with tomatoes, onions, and garlic, then stewed in tomato sauce), and a dessert of cassava cake. 

Brown and Amlag will be back and forth from the kitchen cooking with friends (other rappers from The Bar have been known to help out) and mingling with guests. Tickets are $30 and you can buy them on the Food and Sh*t website.

And for extra fun (and shit), follow the Food and Sh*t Tumblr and Instagram accounts for consistently mouth-watering food imagery and the occasional rap video.



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