Khaleesi's dragons won't attack Thornewood Castle June 15. Image via Facebook.

With Danearys busy in Mereen, the Lannisters distracted by Tyrion’s trial, Stannis on a voyage to secure a bank loan, and Littlefinger in the clutches of sweet Lady Lysa, a small group was able to take over a remote castle without attention from the remaining aspirants to the Iron Throne. They don’t fly a banner, own dragons, or command an army, but House Lucid is set to make a name for itself before season four of Game of Thrones comes to an end. 

Can’t picture any Lucid bannermen? Can’t recall any mention of this noble house at any point during the show’s run on HBO (nor in any of George RR Martin’s lengthy tomes)? Technically, House Lucid is a bar and lounge in the University District, not a Westerosi family.

King David Pierre-Louis, first of his name. Image via Facebook.

After an entertaining evening of dwarves, dragons, and direwolves at Lucid Lounge for the season four premiere and a run of showings every Sunday, house patriarch David Pierre-Louis has captured (by forceful reservation) Thornewood Castle in Lakewood to host a finale party set to rival Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding in splendor, albeit ideally without the deadly climax.

Though the feast won't include any dove-stuffed cake, jousting dwarven entertainment, or poisoned necklaces, it will feature dishes from all seven Westerosi kingdoms and the lands across the Narrow Sea. The party starts at 5 pm on Sunday June 15, and tickets for the night filled with costumes, imbibing, dining, and unimpeded GoT nerding out are on sale now for $80.

Brave Horse Tavern chef Michelle Mallett is preparing the spread, and Pierre-Louis has confirmed plans for a Dothraki-style roasted goat (spiced with Pierre-Louis's own Dicul vodka...aka "Lucid" spelled backwards), cheese and onion pies from King's Landing, and Pentosi sweet and spicy chicken wings. 

Two Mountain Winery, Aesir Meadery, and Odin Brewery have teamed with Dicul to create a list of meads, beers, wines, and spirits that either come from the GoT world or will help you imagine that you do (incude an Odin beer inspired by the show/books). Westeros-inspired nonalcoholic beverages will be on hand as well. 

Thornewood Castle, a 500-year-old Elizabethan manor,was transplanted to Lakewood from England over the course of three years beginning in 1908 at the behest of Port of Tacoma cofounder Chester Thorne (no relation to Jon Snow’s nemesis Ser Allister) as a gift for his wife. 

Thornewood Castle, seat of House LUCID

And yes, the Iron Throne will be in the building. Be wary, though: it has been known to leave scars on those unfit to rule.

The night's main event, the screening of season four’s finale The Children, will take place on a 110-inch HD screen. That’s massive. White Walkers are already intimidating enough, and if they appear during the finale (likely) there will be new nightmares to talk about at the Seattle Met watercooler Monday morning. Giant, white-haired monstrosities with ice-blue eyes riding undead horses surrounded by hordes of wights... Craster, you fool, look at the evil your sons have become... 

Snag a ticket as soon as possible, as they may disappear faster than a faceless man ready for a new mission.  


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