To put it in highly technical culinary terms, Josh Nebe has "a real hard on for German food," and he thinks you should too.

After training with Radiator chefs Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison Ferrara Ristorante on Vashon Island in his teens, Nebe headed to Seattle to hone his craft, “trying [things] and building a silly menu” at Unicorn, having fun with a young group of chefs at Barrio, and working with Charles Walpole at Marjorie before returning to his first masters to cook at Radiator Whiskey in Pike Place Market.

Nebe's work here coupled with his pop-up Dackel, a project bent on shedding the stereotypes that have come to dominate people's thoughts on German cuisine, has earned him some attention, but he gives a lot of the credit to his time at Marjorie. 

“Marjorie was where I got finesse,” Nebe says. Chef Walpole “was one of the best people to work for or work with because he just knows everything about food. Charles is a straight baller.”

While we aren’t sure how good either man is at basketball, both of them make some pretty ballin’ food.

Here are a few of Josh Nebe’s favorite things.

Dish to impress guests: Hot dogs. I like making hot dogs in-house, and it’s always hilarious to me to give a guest a hot dog in a bun. Especially because it seems to do the job impressing them. 

Item on the Radiator menu: The brisket or the pork shank. Both are incredibly simple, yet so delicious. There’s also something sinfully fun about confiting pork shanks in duck fat.  

Secret ingredient: Maggi, a good German mustard.

Banned from your kitchen: Chef coats

Lunch spot: Humble Pie

Hangover remedy: Kombucha

People I'd like to cook with: Erik at Capitol Cider seems like a really cool guy and knows his stuff. It would be fun just to go hang out with him. I’ve always wanted to cook with Thomas Keller, mainly because it’s just a childhood dream, but also because he’s just a baller.

Craziest work story that can be committed to print: I got my forehead stuck to a salamander once in the middle of service. That’s what we call overhead broilers. I leaned over some back burners and pushed my head against it on accident... And it kinda just stuck. Lost a little skin on that one.  

Ideal sausage: Weisswurst, a Bavarian white breakfast sausage made with veal. With mustard and a pretzel there’s nothing better in the world to me.

Working in Pike Place Market is... Fantastic! It’s like being on a giant, stationary cruise ship. So many different places to go and see, yet it’s always full of new faces and people to meet. Though the amount of tourists can get a little overwhelming. 



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