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Chasing Ice, 2012

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Chasing Ice

Scientist James Balog set out to chronicle climate change in the Arctic with time-lapse cameras capturing the melting of ice. Chasing Ice, a 2012 documentary, follows Balog and his crew as they gather footage to prove that global warming is happening, and is a problem.

The Common Good Cafe will be screening the film, and UW Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Mike Wallace, will lead a discussion on weather, climate, and what we can do.

Chasing Ice, Thu, Apr 3, 7pm, 1415 NE 43rd St, free.

For Friday

Spike Lee & Solid Ground

Solid Ground is celebrating 40 years of fighting poverty and racism in Seattle with an anniversary lunch featuring Spike Lee, director and writer of Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X—who stirred up controversy most recently with his incendiary comments about gentrification in Brooklynas the keynote speaker.

Lee's films often explore race and the effects of racism in society, with specific takes on the discrimination that takes place in Hollywood and the media.

Registration is closed but you can call 206-694-6819 to get on the waitlist.

Solid Ground 40th Anniversary Building Community Luncheon, Fri, Apr 4, noon, Westin Seattle, 1900 Fifth Ave, free.

For Saturday

Mayor Murray's Neighborhood Summit

In case you forgot this was coming: "Seattle's unique neighborhoods are what makes this city special," said Ed Murray in a February press release announcing his neighborhood summit. “I want to build strong relationships with the leaders of these neighborhoods and community members and keep an open dialogue as well as build an administration where no one has to ask for a space at the table.”

The summit is intended to be an opportunity to talk with neighborhood representatives about improving the city in a way that benefits all neighborhoods. One of Mayor Murray's first-100-days-in-office priorities, the summit will surely continue the Seattle trend of lengthy group discussion on a topic—but it just might lead to some city improvement as well.

The conversation has already started. Check out Erica's post. A group of anti-development activists is organizing to resist increased density.

If you want to throw your opinion into the mix, you can fill out the online survey.

Seattle Neighborhood Summit 2014, Sat, April 5, 9am–1pm, Exhibition Hall, Seattle Center, free.


Advance Notice for April 30

The Agricultural Hemp Revolution

Author Doug Fine wants to talk about more than just legal marijuana use—he wants to talk about the possibilities of hemp. 

Coming from the same plant as marijuana, hemp has the potential to be the "next cash crop", Fine argues. His latest book, Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution, argues that hemp could be the next big thing in alternative fuel options, farming, and more.

The Agricultural Hemp Revolution, Wed, Apr 30, 7:30pm, Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5. 

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