Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar's Favorite Lunch. Image via the restaurant's Facebook page.

Fremont's Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar has some big moves coming this summer, with plans to open both a second restaurant space and a new food truck (or technically a trailer). Though he regretfully couldn’t tell us anything about ongoing negotiations to acquire a new brick-and-mortar location, owner Zach Parry revealed plans to go mobile in July. 

Adding wheels to the Tzar's enterprise will both streamline Pel Meni’s already busy schedule of stationary festival and rock concert appearances and allow Seattleites access to the beef and potato morsels outside the confines of the Fremont Place storefront. Though Parry doesn't yet have locations secured for the truck, he is planning some new additions for the regular and mobile menus.

Though the menu details remain under wraps, Pel Meni regulars and newcomers alike can get excited for a weekly rotation of small plates and, says Parry, the addition of dessert dumplings: "probably fried or baked with lots of toppings.”

In addition to fresh, gluten-laden sweets and savories, gluten-free dumplings are on the horizon as well. New menu additions are slated for release in June, just in time for a test run in the Fremont restaurant before Pel Meni's truck hits the road. 


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