Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Growing up in California’s wine country, Salomon Navarro got a taste for wine, and an appreciation for the production of it, at his uncle’s vineyard. After moving to Seattle for a relationship that didn’t work, he stayed for the urban environment and the ocean. Navarro began working in wine and food service, first at Etta’s and for the past thirteen years at Serafina in Eastlake. Now the wine director at Serafina and sibling bar Cicchetti, Navarro shares his rainy April recommendation with us.

So Salomon, what should I drink tonight?

A wonderful and affordable white wine from Washington that is familiar yet unique would be the 2012 Old Vine Chardonnay from Kestrel Vintners. Everyone is familiar with chardonnay flavors but this wine is made with a shy bearing clone of chardonnay that yields less prolific but more robust fruit from the oldest chardonnay vines in the state. This is a simple wine but has delicious savory flavors that make it fantastic for food pairing and a light refreshing quality that would please chardonnay and sauvignon blanc drinkers alike. The wine is also barrel-fermented and aged on the lees for ten months for richness, yet it’s not cloying as some warmer-climate chardonnay can be. This wine is lovely with seafood and white meats with any kind of citrus or stone fruit set.

Find It: Pete’s Wine Shop, QFC (Queen Anne), Serafina

The Price: $14–$15


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