Pie is really excited about pi day. Photo courtesy of Pie Fremont's Facebook page.

As far as obscure holidays go, there are few more delicious than Pi Day. The 14th day of the third month of the year is not only the same starting numbers of a certain infinitesimal mathematical constant, but is also acceptable shorthand for "let's eat pie!" Just roll with it. Last we checked, pi does indeed equal pie. 

Shoofly Pie Co.
Maybe you can’t recite 100,000 digits of pi like this man. But according to Shoofly, pie fixes everything, including your mathematical failings. This bright green pie bakery in West Seattle will be serving up fruit and key lime pie slices in celebration this Friday, which means that you can score a slice of Shoofly’s most popular black-raspberry pie or a slice of tart cherry pie for just $3.14.

High 5 Pie
The sleek high-ceilinged pie stop in Capitol Hill is celebrating this year's most numerical of dates with $3.14 flipsides. These sweet or savory handheld turnovers are perfect for a little bit of pie on the go and pairs well with coffee from sister establishment Fuel. 

A La Mode Pies
This pie bakery and neighbor to the Woodland Park Zoo is living up to its name this Pi Day. With every slice of pie you purchase in the cafe, the staff will top you off with a free scoop of ice cream from Bluebird Microcreamery. 

Friday 3.14, Pie's Fremont location is selling sweet and savory hand pies for only $3.14 each for 3.14 hours between noon and 3:14pm. Look for 10 favorite house pies, including the Punjabi-inspired chana masala savory pie and a lemon raspberry custard pie for dessert. If you miss that very precise window of time in the afternoon, Pie is also re-launching its late night window on Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 2am and dispensing a free mini-mini pie with every purchase. And if you’re the type to wander into the kitchen at 1am and wish that you had strawberry rhubarb pie in the fridge, then you should make sure you get Pie’s new late-night-only frequent Pie-er punch card.

Dahlia Bakery
The team at T-Doug's haven of baked goods is laying in an extra supply of coconut cream pie, tiny (4-inch) cherry pies, and kinda-tiny (6-inch coconut cream pies) in honor of the day. Bite-sized renditions of Douglas's famed coconut cream pie will be available all day for $2.50, and go for $1.50 during happy hour from 4 to 6. 


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