Hey, I didn't catch this event in time for this morning's PubliCalendar, but seeing it shortly after I hit published, and more importantly, seeing that it deals with pedestrians, biking, and reducing car traffic (in some places), we figured it deserved a special shout out.

For Tuesday

Image via seattle.gov

Brown Bag Lunch: Building Greenways

Looking for safer and calmer streets to walk the dog and ride your bike? Greenways are intended to make streets more friendly to pedestrians and bikers, with lower car speeds and less traffic, and the Seattle Greenways Project—a local community of advocates—aims to build 250 miles of them in Seattle.

On Tuesday, GGLO—a local green architecture firm—is hosting a brown bag lunch to discuss ideas for the future of Seattle's greenways. Gordon Padelford of Seattle Central Greenways and Nick Cilluffo of Forterra will speak about the possibilities for Seattle and what we can learn from other cities—such as, not Portland for once, but Federal Way—that have already adopted pedestrian-friendly greenway plans.

Brown Bag Lunch: Building Greenways, Tue, Apr 1, noon, GGLO Space at the Harbor Steps, free.





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