Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

A former caterer, Matt's in the Market wine director Ben Hodgetts can't remember a time when he wasn't interested in wine. As a server, Hodgetts educated himself on wine to direct customers to the right bottle, and wine pairings were a staple of his catering business. 

Originally from Portland, Maine, Hodgetts always knew he wanted to end up in the Northwest. Why? "One is apparently never under-dressed. And my son was born here."

So Ben, what should I drink tonight?

The transition to spring means wines should start to lighten up. That and perhaps the bottles should get opened a little earlier in the day. I’m recommending the 2011 Old Vine Poulsard from Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot. I’ve been on a Jura kick for a while and really love the Tissot lineup. This Poulsard is super light in body but has a ton going on. Peppery spice on the nose. Great notes of blood orange and even rhubarb on the palate.

Find It: DeLaurenti

The Price: $25



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