Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

As a child occasionally tasting his parents' dinnertime beverages, Tom Hajduk decided that wine was good and beer was gross. Even though his tastes have since matured, wine is what became his passion. With a career mostly in education, Hajduk was inspired to open a wine shop by Lakewood's Vinotique and West Seattle Cellars—both stores with passionate owners willing to share advice and recommendations with customers. 

Co-owner of Vino Verite in Capitol Hill, Hajduk has been in Seattle since graduating college, when he got an apartment near the Sound: "Close enough that I could carry my kayak to the water—and I've never looked back."

So, Tom Hajduk, what should I drink tonight?

My selection is the Kopke 10 Years Old Tawny Port. I’ve always felt that sipping a good port is like drinking a blend of moments in time. And this selection is, given that it has spent 10—actually more than 10—years aging in the barrel. The wine will intoxicate you, but not just from alcohol alone. Lush and rich, yet not too thick or sweet, this shows vibrant notes of orange blossom and zest, caramelized apple, just a touch of golden raisin, honey, and warm, floral, and fruit notes on the finish. It has plenty of acidity (despite being a dessert wine) so it can pair with a number of things like chocolate, Crème brûlée, and my personal favorite choice, a selection of different cheeses. Serve it to someone you love. I personally guarantee things will go well.

The Price: $16

Find It: Leschi Market, Wine World & Spirits, Esquin

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