Forge Lounge's bartender Thanny Bradford | Photo courtesy of Brenda Eblen

“Can we swear?” asks Thanny Bradford, bartender at the Forge Lounge, after already giving colorful answers to our interview questions. Originally from Spokane but a Seattleite of about a decade, Bradford worked as a cook and kitchen manager at Redwood and the Oak and became a bartender five years ago.

Here, five questions for Thanny.

What is everyone ordering at the Forge these days? Everybody loves a drink menu. Two staples that have never made their way off are the Matcha Mule (house infused green tea vodka, lime, Bedford's ginger beer) and the Huckin' Tea (44 North Huckleberry, Firefly, house pressed sour, soda).

What's your favorite cocktail recipe using a local spirit? Back when we could still get New Deal Distillery products, we had a drink called The St. Vitus. New Deal Hot Monkey vodka, lime, mint, sour, soda. My coworker Lindsey and I were perfecting our Stumptown vodka infusion and naming stuff. I had Bauhaus's "St. Vitus Dance" stuck in my head, so I said, "Let's just call it the St. Vitus." She wanted to know what he was the patron saint of so I Googled it and said, “He's the patron saint of naming goddamned cocktails!” Because it happened to be St. Vitus Day that day. (He was actually the patron saint of like impromptu group epileptic fits or something so, flash mobs. Patron saint of flash mobs.)

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen happen in a Seattle bar? One time at the Forge some people gave me their tickets to a Hall and Oates concert because they were on their second date and it wasn't going well so they were just gonna skip Bumbershoot and go home—to Wisconsin. As in, that awkward ride home was going to take place on an airplane.

If the bar and restaurant world suddenly disappeared, what would you do? Summon Falcor and go find it. Or finish college.

What bar do you like to frequent when not at the Forge and why? I usually just go to bars where the bartender goes to the bars I work at. Nobody owns this money, it exists in the ether and we just kinda push it around at each other.