Some of the memorabilia on display at the Octopus Bar, opening January 25. Photo copyright Kyle McCarty.

The Octopus Bar, Seattle's newest nautical-themed former dive, was conceived by partners Liza Danger, Trevor Marsh, and Taryn Tebbs at Golden Gardens three years ago. They took over the lease at the former Wallingford Pizza House in October, got their Kickstarter funded in November (at almost $5,500 over their $12,500 goal), and plan to open next Saturday, January 25.

Danger, Marsh, and Tebbs are known around Seattle for Royal Bar and Patio (formerly Royal Booze and Burritos), and A-Pizza Mart; the Octopus Bar is their love child. Impatient to make their mark—“neighborhood anchor” pretty much sums up their vision for the place—the team has created an inventive but not stuffy cocktail list, with drinks like Davy Jones Locker (a margarita with a splash of St. Germaine) and the Lifesaver (a Bloody Mary with a house-made mix and Sriracha vodka).

The grand opening will definitely include old stuff (customers are invited to explore the curated wreckage), double entendres—the pizza is called "Flat (on your back) Bread"—and lots of booze. And although the space, replete with old wood and seafaring memorabilia, seeks to conjure Seattle's days as a fishing town, the journey from idea to reality was decidedly 21st century: It couldn’t have happened without 154 Kickstarter donors.

As for the food, Chef Brendan Arntz, native Seattleite and former executive chef at 50 North, has “deconstructed many familiar foods and created a more current expression of delicious bar fare” all without a single fryer basket, says Danger. To wit: pizza topped with lamb sausage, feta, tomato, spinach, onion, and tzatziki drizzle; nachos, with in-house baked pita chips; and a classic Polish sausage from Uli’s wrapped in house-made pita.

Regular hours will be 2pm–2am Monday through Friday; Saturday and Sunday noon–2.