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Tough Guise 2

Men and boys in America are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence, from mass shootings to domestic violence to bullying. Jackson Katz, an anti-sexist male activist (his term) and author, argues that this problem has developed from a society built on extremely outdated standards of manhood and masculinity.

Katz, the creator of Tough Guise 2 (the 2013 update of 2000's Tough Guise), is the director of the first worldwide sexual violence prevention program in the US Marine Corps and the co-founder of the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program, which works toward eliminating sexual violence among college and professional athletes. 

Screen the documentary and stay after for a discussion on how American masculinity is in desperate need of a revolution.

Tough Guise 2, Fri, January 24, 7–9:30pm, 5019 Keystone Place N, free (donations accepted). 

For Saturday

National Seed Swap Day

The King County Seed Lending Library is hosting its first swap.

Swapping seeds from local plants and successful yields can contribute to our region's diverse and bountiful plant life. Join the workshop, hosted by the KCSL director Caitlin Moore, to learn how to save your own seeds. 

Already a smart gardener? Bring some of your seeds to contribute to the swap.

National Seed Swap Day, Sat, January 25, Good Shepherd Center, Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue N, free (seeds encouraged but not required to participate)

Eat for Equity

Eat for Equity—an organization that raises money for causes such as health, disaster relief, education, development, and the environment—is hosting a dinner to support the ROOTS Young Adult Shelter.

Located in the U-District, ROOTS offers shelter and food for Seattle's far-too-many homeless youth.

Eat for Equity January, Sat, January 25, 7pm, 4338 Latona Ave NE, free (donations encouraged).

For Sunday

Westlake Policy Ride 

If you're curious about the proposed Westlake two-way cycle track, bring your bike for an informative ride with city council member Tom Rasmussen.

Meet at the Fremont PCC Market before 2, take a ride around Westlake Ave N, and then head to RE:PUBLIC for happy hour. RSVP here.

Westlake Policy Ride, Sun, January 26, 2pm, Fremont PCC Market, 600 N 34th St, free.

Advance Notice for January 30

Hidden Pictures

Navos, a local organization serving low-income people and families with serious mental health challenges, is screening the new film Hidden Pictures: The Underexposed World of Global Mental Health. Delaney Ruston, producer and director, takes the audience across the globe to uncover the stories of those with mental illness, stories that are often ignored and untold. 

Hidden Pictures airs on PBS this spring, but you can see it now at this special screening. Director Ruston will be available after the one-hour film for questions. Reserve a spot now, though—seating is limited to 100.

Film Screening: Hidden Pictures, Thu, January 30, 5–8pm, Big Picture Movie Theater, 2505 First Ave, free.


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