Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Fascinated by the history of food and drink, Jennifer Rice has been working with wine “forever.” A UW grad, Rice is in her 16th year as a salesperson for Noble Wines, and also worked with the Washington distributor Unique Wine Co. Rice gave us her opinion on the best wine to drink on a dreary, January night.

So Jennifer Rice, what should I drink tonight? 

My pick is Chateau Lestrille Capmartin Bordeaux Rouge 2009. The wine is a blend of 65 percent cabernet sauvignon, 20 percent merlot, and 15 percent cabernet franc. It is garnet in hue and the nose is chock full of ripe cherry and cranberry notes with hints of spice and earth. More of the same on the palate—dominated by cherry and cranberry with highlights of dried currant and sweet tobacco. It has lovely supple tannins and good acidity. 

I'm drinking it because it's a great vintage in Bordeaux to drink on the early side: It's got enough complexity and not too much structure, so it deals well with many dishes. It's a perfect red wine to hunker down with on a cold, wet Seattle evening. Lastly, Bordeaux is one of those wines that often feels beyond the reach of many of us in price. And bad Bordeaux is so disappointing. This wine is a perfect combination of great price and drinking satisfaction. Nothing better than that.

Find It: McCarthy and Schiering (Queen Anne, Ravenna)

Price: $15


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