Isn't It Weird That ... Erica and Josh voted for different mayoral candidates?

Erica voted for the liberal.

Josh voted for the liberal.

Isn't It Weird That ... McGinn's campaign is preemptively low-balling its numbers, predicting a third- (or even fourth-) place finish?

As we reported earlier today, the McGinn camp is attempting to lower expectations in the runup to tonight's election, predicting that the mayor will end the night with lousy numbers only to resurge when subsequent numbers come through.  

Footnote: If the mayor is in a close third, it's likely his phone banking blitz and field effort will eventually payoff with the later voters to be counted over the rest of the week, and he'll make it to second.

But we are seeing a heavy sample size tonight, about half of the estimated 35 percent projected Seattle turnout. If McGinn is any more than five percentage points behind the second place finisher tonight (Steinbrueck?) the incumbent mayor won't go through in the end.

Isn't It Weird That ...  if McGinn does end up going through, he isn't likely to win anyway?



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