Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell is the first candidate out of the gate with a TV ad in the 2013 mayor's race. (McGinn has an ad ready to go as well, but it won't hit until Friday.)

Harrell's ad, already up and running (as of yesterday), is airing on local cable, and his campaign says the $24,000 buy will be going for two weeks.

The ad, which both attacks McGinn and goes warm and fuzzy on Harrell, opens with a kind of hilarious Monty Python-style image of McGinn hovering over Seattle as everything shatters, and Harrell saying the mayor has "failed and fractured" the city.

Then a woman's voiceover hypes Harrell's hometown bio—a public school valedictorian (gotta love Harrell's late '70s look), a UW football star—before listing his professional accomplishments, including the class action labor suits he won as an attorney and his new emphasis, in sync with his social justice theme, on pay equity for women.

Harrell closes by addressing the camera directly. Playing off the opening anti-McGinn theme, Harrell says: "It's time to have a mayor as innovative, collaborative, and compassionate as the people of Seattle. I will be that mayor."

The ad was produced by local media consultants Fletcher and Rowley, best known locally for their I-1000 (Death with Dignity) ads in 2008.


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