A new KING 5 poll has shaken up the race for mayor. State Sen. Ed Murray, after netting a bunch of big endorsements—City Attorney Pete Holmes, the Seattle Times, former King County Executive Ron Sims, liberals at the Washington Conservation Voters, and conservatives at the Seattle chamber—has pulled ahead of incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn and former City Council member Peter Steinbrueck.

Undecided voters actually topped the poll at 25 percent, but Murray moved from 14 percent in the most recent previous poll in May to 22 percent today.

The numbers are:

  • Ed Murray: 22 percent
  • Mike McGinn: 21 percent
  • Peter Steinbrueck: 14 percent
  • Bruce Harrell: 11 percent
  • Charlie Staadecker: 3 percent
  • Mary Martin: 2 percent
  • Joey Gray: 1 percent
  • Kate Martin 1 percent
  • Doug McQuaid: 1 percent

The previous poll had McGinn in the lead at 22 and Steinbrueck in second at 17.

Murray campaign spokesman Sandeep Kaushik says: "This is obviously a really big indicator that Ed's message is resonating with voters."

Asked what Murray's message is, because, I'm not being snide, I don't quite know, Kaushik said: "We need a mayor that has experience and can build coalitions to translate our shared progressive values into real results."

He added: "Tell your ElectionNerd to find a new line of work."

ElectionNerd is PubliCola's anonymous hack who's been predicting a McGinn v. Steinbrueck general election.

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