In addition to our ongoing coverage of the mayor's race here on PubliCola, Josh and I (with invaluable help from Cola intern Carryn Vande Griend) have a primer in this month's Seattle Met print edition, complete with background info on each candidate for mayor, reality checks on the candidates' campaign-trail brags, and inside info on the least-Seattle-like traits and hidden talents. Plus, a quiz!

Here's a sample:

Bruce Harrell

CURRENT JOB Seattle City Council member

AGE 54

HIGH SCHOOL Garfield High School, Valedictorian

UNIVERSITY University of Washington, Political Science; UW School of Law

DEFINING ISSUE Race and social justice

SO SEATTLE UW inside linebacker, Rose Bowl champion over Michigan in 1978

NOT SO SEATTLE Wears cufflinks

CAMPAIGN TRAIL BRAG Unlike McGinn, “I come up with creative solutions.”

REALITY CHECK The highest-profile of those solutions, body cameras for cops, has gone nowhere.

HIDDEN TALENT Finding bargains at estate sales

PATH TO VICTORY Paint Mayor McGinn as a white, kale-munching, Greenwood chicken owner

BASE An odd combination of social justice liberals, minority communities, and rich business people. As the only person of color in the race, Harrell, who’s talking a lot about social justice on the campaign trail, is a passionate, smart, and witty speaker. He could try to frame urbanist McGinn as a privileged yuppie, but Harrell’s wealth and frat boy conservative streak undermine the lefty assault. 

IF ELECTED, MOST LIKELY TO… Revamp and expand the city’s moribund free Wi-Fi system

# OF TWITTER FOLLOWERS 126 @bruceformayor



Check out all the candidates' profiles, and test your knowledge with our quote quiz (note: Quote B is not a typo) here.

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