The bright interior of Pane Pane. Via Gina C on Yelp.

Just across from Third Ave’s post office and Benaroya Hall, Seattle’s newest pop-in gourmet sandwichery, Pane Pane (pronounced pan-eh pan-eh), may give lovers of Jimmy John’s another lunch option to consider.

Like the popular sandwich chain, Pane Pane bakes all bread in-house and throughout the day; but 5-incher specials such as the cream cheese and roasted garlic, or turkey breast with roasted red peppers begin at $2.99. Seriously. (10-inch options begin at $4.50.)

The prices are especially impressive considering, in the words of owner Young Chun, “We’re all about curing meats and making sauces here.” The lone exception—the sweet chili sauce. (The condiments are inventive too: Pane’s coleslaw is made with wasabi, and according to Young even the mayo has “a little kick.”)

For dessert, waffle cone pieces are stuck together with hazelnut spread and prewrapped, as are some very wholesome-looking chocolate chip cookies. Accommodating for the pop-in crowd, Pane’s grab-and-go cooler is stocked with lunch and drink fundamentals.

So what does the chef recommend? The prosciutto and mascarpone sandwich, Chun says, made with sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and spinach with balsamic vinaigrette. The short begins at $4.99.

Pane Pane is open weekdays from 7:30—5. 


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