Gov. Jay Inslee announced this morning that he's cancelled a trip to the annual aerospace trade show in Paris—where he was planning to promote Washington state, as opposed to South Carolina, as the best spot for future Boeing work—due to budget negotiations in the state legislature, which have extended into a second special session.

The press release states:

The governor was due to leave Friday to lead a delegation of 52 aerospace executives, educators and economic development professionals to the 50th International Paris Air Show. There, the governor was due to meet with officials of the Boeing Company, as well as with CEOs and other high-ranking executives of more than two dozen companies from around the world.
The air show is a premier industry event for commercial aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. “I am disappointed I will not be able to join the delegation on this trade mission as we make the case that Washington is the best place for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers,” the governor said.

The second half of Inslee's quote goes this way: “We are fortunate that Congressman [Rick] Larsen, a longtime champion of the industry and a leader in international trade policy, agreed to my request and will step in to lead the delegation.”

However, I couldn't help hoping Inslee's quote was going to go, logically, in a more honest direction. Something like this:

"Unfortunately, our state is clearly not the best place for aerospace manufacturers—as evidenced by the fact that I'm not there because I had to stay here and babysit a state legislature that is so mired in political gridlock that we're facing a government shutdown after going into our second emergency session to resolve our budget crisis."

For a candid take from Inslee on who he thinks is to blame for the gridlock, check out this snippet from his press conference earlier this week:


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