After chatting with Joe "Jorawk" Stolte, one of the longtime members of Seattle's world-champion breakdancing crew Massive Monkees, we got to watching some of the videos he recommended. And we can't stop. Pause work. Watch these now.

Video 1: Massive Monkees dominates at R16, the 2012 world championship in South Korea.

Video 2: Up-and-coming breaker SeanSteady. "I think he’s, like, 10 or 11, maybe even younger, but he’s been dancing for a number of years now," says Stolte. "Little kid, but he’s going to be incredible."

Video 3: BBoy Thesis, or as Stolte calls him, "the Neo—a la The Matrix—of breaking right now. He’s one of the youngest guys in our crew and he’s already one of the best."

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