The dining room seats 46 and a 21-and-over bar area has an additional 18 seats. Watch your elbows around those stacks of tableware.

The sushi chef behind Japonessa (and with some serious roots in Belltown) is taking on a new neighborhood, and veering away from his recent fusiony past to get back to his Japanese roots.

Billy Beach Sushi and Bar opens Wednesday, May 1. While the location and vibe is a shift from Beach's previous establishments in downtown and Belltown, there is one major similiarity: The man knows how to do happy hour. Here, says manager Kei Sugimoto, it's dubbed Beach hour and runs all day on Sunday, and every day from lunchtime through 7:30. Then it kicks back in at 10. "It's all-day Beach, basically." 

Have a look around in Morgen Schuler's photos above. And keep an eye on the website for menu details and more info.



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