Coming soon to Second and Marion: sandwiches like this roast pork loin with apple butter and sage aioli. Photo via Homegrown's Facebook page.

This morning Homegrown cofounder Ben Friedman sent the official word of its long-promised downtown outpost. The sustainable sandwich shop’s fourth location will be at Second and Marion, across the street from the Metropolitan Grill (if you want to get technical about it, the shop is in the Wells Fargo Center building). 

Friedman promises the same menu, look, and feel of the existing locations in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Fremont. The downtown location will have about 17 counter seats for the lunch hour crowd, plus a few actual tables. And on a day like today his promise of 20 outdoor seats sounds pretty darn appealing. 

Homegrown is planning to open the doors by the end of summer. Hopefully in time for a few alfresco lunches.

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