Built for Man fall/winter 2013 collection from the March 2013 runway show.
Image: Erik Simkis

On March 19 Seattle-based designer Francisco Hernandez debuted his Built for Man fall/winter 2013 collection, "Man of the Future," at the opulent and ornate Asian Art Museum in Volunteer park.

Hernandez's latest offering was big on fitted leather suits, large printed scarves, and the brand's signature knitwear in a neutral color palette. The designer said his futuristic line was about "playing around with the concept of binary and embroidery," but the black and white sleeveless turtleneck tees paired with Peruvian knitted hats were basics that could be easily worn by any man, whether or not he's thinking about all that.

Check out key looks from the show in the slideshow here; this Built for Man collection hits David Lawrence in Bellevue as well as Built for Man's online shop later this summer.


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