Afternoon Jolt

In addition to today's earlier Afternoon Jolt of winners and losers, here's just  a Jolt: 

City council member Tom Rasmussen, as we reported, was considering a moratorium on aPodments, the trademarked term for so-called "micro-housing" developments, in which several tiny apartments share a kitchen. Rasmussen was responding to neighborhood activists' complaints that the developments, which do not have to go through design review, are latter-day slums. 

However, as we reported yesterday, Rasmussen later backed off from that proposal, saying the aPodments looked "nice" and filled a need. Now, he'd simply like to see the developments subjected to some kind of review. 

We visited an aPodment on Capitol Hill today, and frankly, it was nice—nicer (although more expensive) than the kind of apartments we lived in during our 20s. Here are some photos. 

The kitchen:  

The living room: 


 The loft bedroom: 

And the view:  

Yep, seems like a real slum. 

Thanks to Carryn for the photos. She'll have a longer report soon.

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