At last, a place to ask all your stupid wine questions.

 I’m not going to lie to you—you will be seeing a lot of wine on Sauced this week, as we count down to Taste Washington. And while I certainly enjoy this annual mega summit of Washington winemakers, their sheer numbers can be overwhelming. 

We will be providing a bit of guidance on that front later this week, but the piece of advice I hear the most from somms and local wine geeks when comes to Taste: Go to the seminars. The sessions include a tutorial on blends, and 90 minutes of tasting Washington wines compared with similar varietals from elsewhere in the world. But if you want to start at the very beginning, Seattle Met wine guru Sean Sullivan is moderating a panel called Intro to the World of Wine. This session takes about five steps back to talk about why we make wine in Washington to begin with, our grape-growing regions, and how we compare to other places on the world wine map. 

In addition to spearheading our Top 100 Washington Wines issue each year, Sean is the founder of Washington Wine Report and as of recently a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast. The panelists also include professors, and author, and Thomas Price, aka our newest Master Sommelier. Oh, and you’re not going to learn without tasting, so be prepared to sample six Washington wines. The session starts at 11 on Saturday and costs $25. I wish this had been around (or if it had, that I had known about it) back when I moved to Seattle. Wine in general can be a dauntingly opaque topic and this sounds a bit more efficient than my own personal educational method: embarrassing yourself by asking lots of stupid questions.

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