George Engelstad behind the bar at the Hideout

George Engelstad, The Hideout’s bar manager, started bartending about 15 years ago after moving to Seattle from Wisconsin, where he worked as a line cook. He began his career behind the bar at the Showbox at the Market, and continued at the War Room, Havana, Still Liquor, Tavern Law, and Rob Roy before starting at the Hideout three years ago.

Here, five questions for George...

What is everyone ordering at Hideout these days? We have such a diverse crowd that it's hard to say. We currently have a cocktail on our menu called Shot in the Dark. It is a mix of Angel's Envy bourbon, Averna amaro, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Peychaud's bitters; it has done extremely well.

What's the best drink you make? I am really proud of the new madeira cocktail I've been working on called Sunset Over Lisbon. It consists of madeira, Luxardo bitters, Suze, and Scrappy's Seville orange bitters.

What’s it like working New Year’s Eve? It always seems to bring out a lot of weekend warriors. People who usually don't go out that often come to your venue and treat it like it is Las Vegas. Lots of rookies out on parade.

What's the craziest thing you've seen in a bar on New Years Eve? One NYE I was working at the Showbox and Super Diamond (a Neil Diamond cover band) was playing. A woman, probably in her mid-40s, ordered a shot of tequila, shot it, threw it up all over the bar, turned around like nothing happened, and began screaming along with the lyrics to "Sweet Caroline." 

If we wanted to think outside the bubbly, what's the best cocktail to serve guests at a New Years Eve party? I am a big fan of a good rich flip this time of year. A coffee cocktail (brandy, port wine, simple syrup, and a whole egg with grated nutmeg on top) is always a good choice.