Image: Courtesy Flatcolor Gallery

PARS, Mammatus, 2013, spray enamel on wood, 18" x 24".

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the art is so delightful! So bundle up and brave Mother Nature for all the offerings of the last First Thursday art walk of the year.

PARS: Returning
Dec 5-22, Flatcolor Gallery
Flatcolor Gallery is hosting its grand reopening, appropriately titled "Returning" by Seattle artist PARS, who uses his signature psychedelic graffiti techniques to envelope the viewer in vast cloud formations and monolithic peaks. His technique has evolved—his patterns are more complex, colors brighter, and everything's more surreal—which seems fitting for Flatcolor Gallery's new space and new life on the corner of Alaskan Way South and South Main Street. 


Image: Courtesy Roq La Rue Gallery

John Brophy, Oasis, 2013, oil on paper on panel.

John Brophy: Breaking the Spell (New Paintings)
Dec 5-Jan 4, Roq La Rue Gallery 
At Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle-based painter John Brophy has taken artifacts and belief systems from around the world and blended them with western consumer culture in a new series of paintings called Breaking the Spell. He takes his cues from the intimate compositions and understated gestures in 15th century Flemish Primitive art. By reworking the religious imagery he creates surreal yet immediate icons for the modern age. Plus, Amsterdam artist Femke Hiemstra will be exhibiting darkly fantastical drawings from her new "children's" art book, The Timid Cabbage






Image: Courtesy Stonington Gallery

Hib Sabin, Totemic Journey, juniper, pigments, metal base.

Hib Sabin: Totems
Dec 5-31, Stonington Gallery 
Visit Stonington Gallery to see Totems, by southwest sculptor Hib Sabin. Although he's the only non-northwest artist being represented at the gallery, his works are tied closely to the mythology and legends of the Northwest indigenous cultures. Sabin himself is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who incorporated mythic traditions from around the world into his art. His sculptures focus on the idea of "totem" and reflect the many legends, characters, and art styles that are filtered through his own iconic style, ranging in everything from eerie to serene. Hib Sabin will be in attendance on Dec 5. 

Image: Coutesy Lisa Harris Gallery

Lois Silver, Two Women, 2013, oil bar on rag board, 14" x 18"

Lois Silver: Vignettes
Dec 5-Jan 6, Lisa Harris Gallery
When established Seattle artist Lois Silver works she first draws her pieces with oil bars, then blends everything with only her right index finger. Using warm tones and loose, expressive strokes Vignettes plays on the voyeuristic relationship created between her everyday situations and the audience. Her ambiguous portrayal of relationships and trademark expressive palette invites viewers to fill in their own details of the small moments she brings to life. Artist reception on Dec 5 at 6pm. 


Image: Courtesy Linda Hodges Gallery

Gabriel Fernandez, Deepwell, oil on canvas, 16" x 20"

Suburbia, Dream or Nightmare
Dec 5-28, 2013, Linda Hodges Gallery
How many different ways are there to think about the suburbs? That's what the provocative new group show (curated by Linda Hodges Gallery director Dale Cotton) explores. From Batman pajamas to shopping bags, each picture has its own eye on what it life is like in the 'burbs. There may not be an obvious connection between Kate Vrijmoet's messy and vivid Snow Blower Accident and the meticulous crispness of Terry Leness' Buzz Cut, but both represent factions of the boredom and apathy thriving outside city life. It's up to the viewer to draw on their experiences of the bizarre underpinnings alive in the suburbs to decide if it's a dream or a nightmare. Reception Dec 5 at 6pm.

Image: Courtesy Davidson Galleries

Mary Iverson, Shipbreaking with Containers, 2013, oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

Mary Iverson and Dane Youngren: Progress and Sacrifice
Dec 5-24, Davidson Galleries
Nostalgia runs deep throughout Progress and Sacrifice: everything from Mary Iverson's paintings depicting the clash between globalization and the environment to Dane Youngren's industrial, large-scale railroad trestle works carries a melancholy of a bygone era. Youngren's large ceramics seem a precarious testament of industrial decline, especially when placed next to Iverson's massive oil paintings exploring Yosemite National Park while being polluted with shipping containers and wrecked cargo ships. 

Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick, Alphabet of Flowers, 2011, 72 x 60 in.

Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick: A Way is Found
Nov 14-Dec 23, Traver Gallery
Wander through the works of Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick, an artist duo that have been collaborative partners for over thirty years. Through their meticulous attention to detail their mixed media pieces brings a sense of wonder and joy to all their pieces, which include glasses ornately decorated with flower drawings. Reception Dec 5 at 5pm. 




Tony Angel, In Pursuit, 2013, bronze, 45.5 x 27 x 13.5 in.

Tony Angell
Dec 5–24, Foster/White Gallery
Seattleite Tony Angell has parlayed his avian fascination into a career of sculpting beautiful birds in bronze and stone. In a month that’s notoriously bereft of visual arts openings, a collection of his works soaring into the Foster/White Gallery is a welcome sight. Thankfully Angell’s creations didn’t fly south for the winter.





Plus, be sure to check out local museums that celebrate First Thursday, including your last chance to see the Seattle Art Museum's Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon exhibit at a discounted rate.

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