Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

James Lechner, wine director at Bastille Café & Bar and Stoneburner, left Pennsylvania and moved west after college, living in Arizona, Yellowstone National Park, and finally, Seattle. He was “bit hard by the wine bug” while working at Campagne with Shawn Mead of Vif and (another of our December wine experts) Cyril Frechier of Marche and Café Campagne.

So what do you think, James, what should I drink on New Year's Day?

The new year begins this week, and hopefully you're drinking Champagne on Tuesday night. But for New Year’s Day, Fouquet's Vouvray Brut is the perfect next-day wine: won't break the bank, will help with that hangover. This is carefully crafted sparkling Chenin—aromatic, dry, fresh, with beautiful fruit. You'll be eating "good luck" New Year’s dishes, right? This wine is very versatile. Pickled herring? Check. Collards, cornbread, and black-eyed peas? Check. Lentils? Yep. Soba noodles? Sure. Pair accordingly and plan for good luck in 2014! 

The Price: $20

Find It: Wine World & Spirits


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