Mayor-elect Ed Murray transition-team spokesman Jeff Reading responded to our question about Murray's plans to raise the minimum wage and the potential for a showdown over the issue with newly-elected socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant, who's also pledged to push the issue.

Reading told PubliCola:

Mayor-elect Murray does view the minimum wage issue as a key priority and an early priority for his administration.

I will point out that the Mayor-elect doesn’t see his role as inventing a solution or ramming through his pet solution. He really does see his role as listening, bringing stakeholders together on all sides of the issue, providing a forum for discussion, and being an incubator for the kind of constructive solution that the stakeholders can galvanize around and commit to.

He also views this issue within the larger context of Seattle's general affordability as a city, which includes affordable housing and other pocket-book issues that are critical to address if Seattle is to be a place where the working class, young people, students and artists can continue to live.

We have a message in to Sawant.

Supporters of rasing the minimum wage will be marching fro SeaTac (leaving at 9 am), where labor and low-income advocates passed a $15 minimum wage law last month, to Seattle city hall (arriving at 4:30 pm) on Thursday.


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