Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Chris Tanghe decided to pursue wine as a career even before it was legal for him to drink it—he first applied for an intro class with the Court of Master Sommeliers at age 18. He completed his Advanced Certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers in May of this year (with the help of seven years of studying and 4,000 flashcards), becoming one of only seven Master Somms in Washington. Tanghe has worked at The Herbfarm, Crush, Matt’s in the Market, and Canlis. Currently he uses his extensive knowledge as Service and Wine Director at Aragona.

So what do you think, Chris Tanghe, what should I drink tonight?

You should drink the 2011 Two Vintners Syrah. This bottling is a blend of fruit from some of Washington's greatest sites for Syrah. It stimulates the olfactory senses with luscious black fruits of ripe blackberry, plum, and olive with savory tones of sage, guanciale, peppercorn, and violets. This style of Syrah lends itself so well to the cuisine of winter and is a delicious companion to roast meats of all colors. What defines Morgan Lee's thumbprint on the wine is the inclusion of stems during fermentation, which imparts that distinct savory character I love.

Find It: McCarthy & Schiering (Queen Anne), Wine World & Spirits, DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine, Vino Verite

Price: $20-$22

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