Linda's Tavern, circa Christmas 2012. Photo via Linda's Facebook page

Earlier this week, we brought you five bars open on Christmas. In our second installment, we bring you, shocker... five more. Behold, where to get your drink on after you've stared at the Christmas tree—and your relatives—long enough.

Teddy’s Tavern: The Roosevelt neighborhood bar will open late Christmas day, at 7, and keep you warm until 2am.

Linda’s Tavern: Lady Derschang would never leave you out in the cold. Closed Christmas Eve but open at 7pm on Christmas day for all you orphans on the Hill.  

Dubliner: If you hear Christmas and immediately start chanting “Shots! Shots! Shots!” in your head, the Fremont standby has you covered 7 – 2.

Eastlake Zoo Tavern: The Zoo will definitely open on Christmas day, most likely by 5. Wondering if you can order an 11 inch pizza, shoot pool, or even try your hand at a round of snooker? The answer is yes.

Sun Liquor and Sun Liquor Distillery and Lounge: Both Sun Liquor locations will open at 5 on Christmas Day for you to guzzle a glass of aged eggnog. 

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