Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Cyril Frechier attributes his love of wine to his childhood in Lyon, France. “Wine is an intrinsic part of the meal in France, and I got interested as soon as I was allowed the occasional sip from my dad’s glass.” Frechier has worked in Chicago and Los Angeles, and was the Manager/Wine Director at Seattle’s now defunct Rover’s Restaurant for more than 16 years. Now he dispenses wine advice and recommendations as the Wine Director at Marche Bistro and Wine Bar and Café Campagne.

So what do you think Cyril Frechier, what should I drink tonight?

My pick is Kalem’s Down 2012 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon The Benches. I don’t routinely reach for cabernet sauvignon on cold Seattle winter nights but this doosy of a cab is the vinous equivalent of snuggly blankets and fuzzy slippers. Kalem’s Down, crafted by J. Albin, is a rich and velvety cabernet, nicely balanced by Washington’s hallmark acidity and just the right amount of oak vanilla toastiness. It is generally not easy to find this level of quality at this price. This wine combines the high quality fruit from a top Columbia Valley vineyard site and the deft handling of a winemaker known for making elegant Oregon pinot noirs and sparklers. The result: all the joy of drinking burly reds on freezing nights.

Find It: 6th Avenue Wine Seller

Price: $18
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