On Thursday November 7, those who make beer joined those who just enjoy beer for the Washington Homebrewers Association (WAHA) Pro-Am Rally at Naked City Brewery and Taphouse to taste and celebrate beers developed by home-brewers—and then produced by local commercial brewers for the Great American Beer Festival in Denver in October. 

The homebrewed recipes were initially shown at competitions like the April 2013 Joint Cascade Brewers Cup and Puget Sound Pro-Am, where commercial breweries then chose whose beer they wanted to make. According to event organizer and homebrewer Mark Emiley, about 90-percent of craft brewers start out making beer at home, and the partnerships that exist between home and commercial brewers are evidence that, in Seattle, craft beer is one “big, happy family.”

Here, some of the tasty taps at the rally last Thursday:

This light and smoky lager, a classic German style, took Best in Show at the Pro-Am competition in April. (Recipe by Jonathan Perman, brewed by Naked City.)

Rainier Ancient Ale
This totally hop-free Belgian won Best in Show at the Pro-Am competition and an honorable mention at the Novembeerfest homebrew competition. The unique recipe calls for spices, Washington honey, and Rainier cherries. (Recipe by Mark Joy, brewed by Elysian.)

“Dream Cream” Ale
This light ale won gold at the recent World Beer Championships. (Recipe by Daniel Hansen, brewed by Reuben’s Brews.)

“Little Brown Seal” Northern English Brown
Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery’s first participation in the event was a collaboration of Mark Emiley and Tom Schmidlin, founders of the Washington Homebrewers Association. (Recipe by Mark Emiley, brewed by Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery.)