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Dinner's over. What now? Photo via chezshai/Flickr

Sure, we all love the traditional family celebration that is Thanksgiving. But we've noticed a trend in Seattle over the years.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, once the feast is cleared off the table and the turkey exiled to tinfoil and leftovers, Seattleites go to bars.

We called around to find out which establishments will be open on Thursday, November 28.

Here, 10 places where you can drink this Thanksgiving. You're welcome.

Capitol Hill

Linda’s Tavern: Linda Derschang's epynonymous bar invites you to sink into its delightful diveyness after the big meal from 7pm–2am. Limited food menu available.

Bait Shop: There's something about this faux-dive that can't help but remind you of a place grandpa might have hung out to dodge turkey-carving duties. Open 7pm–2am.

Liberty: You're a diehard Seattleite, which is why you're hanging out at Liberty, drinking coffee, then cocktails, then eating sushi—on Thanksgiving. The coffee bar may open a little later than the usual 7am, but the bar will be open regular hours, 4pm–2am.


King’s Hardware: Make like a pilgrim and pretend to kill your own animals at the in-bar video game arcade, or just stare at the ones encaged in chicken wire on the walls. Open from 7pm–2am.


Mulleady’s Irish Pub: The neighborhood joint off Dravus will open 3pm and stay open at least until midnight, depending on how long the bartender, who lives down the street, feels like staying awake. Food-wise, there will be a Thanksgiving day menu ($45/person) with choice of turkey, salmon or ham until 7. And later in the evening, we're told, there will be pie and deviled eggs. (Check out the Facebook page for more details.)

Lower Queen Anne

Tini Bigs: According to its website, Tini Bigs has been open for "6202 days consecutively." Thanksgiving will not stop the streak and the hours will be the usual 4pm–2am. Thanksgiving dinner will be served 4–11, and next door as well, at Hula Hula, which opens a little later at 8pm. But they're doing Thanksgiving karaoke all night, which is perfect.


Baranof: Oh, Baranof. You win. Open 6am–2am, with a traditional turkey dinner for $12.99. (Please, please say there are marshmallows on the yams.)


Dubliner: We are told it "will be open for sure," the exact times however, depend on mysterious forces unknowable for now. Estimate: 8pm–2am. I.e. if you can predict when a family dinner will end, you are no mere mortal. 


The Whisky Bar: When we phoned the Whisky Bar the 'tender called us "hon" and said the bar would be open from 4pm "until we don’t have anymore customers." Leading us to wonder, why can't every day be Thanksgiving? 

Pioneer Square

Central Saloon: "Seattle's Oldest Saloon" welcomes you to Seattle's first neighborhood from 11am–2am. It will serve a traditional turkey dinner, as well.

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