Fill in the blanks below with the words and parts of speech noted, then transfer them in order to the David Mamet quote below. Fun!

1. _________(Noun)
2. _________(Expletive)
3. _________(Body Part)

Seattle Rep revisits the profane poetry of David Mamet with a new staging of American Buffalo, starring Hans Altwies, Charles Leggett, and Zachary Simonson as minor-league crooks plotting a rare-coin heist.

The Rep has developed a sort of Mamet-ready team led by director Wilson Milam, battle-tested in the 2010 production of Glengarry Glen Ross, and they're is back for another round of verbal swordplay. Leggett was the best thing about that Glengarry as the no-good Dave Moss, making his final exit from the office so ferociously—with doors slamming, water coolers flying, and a hailstorm of F-yous raining down—even the sturdy two-story set shuddered. (Tony-winning scenic designer Eugene Lee, who also did the sets for Wicked and The Seafarer at the Rep, deserved as much applause as the cast in that show. He's back on for American Buffalo.)

And though Mamet's stacatto dialogue has birthed countless imitators, this 38-year-old play still sets the standard. It's one of his most gripping works, playing games with language while telling a tragicomic story that's still familiar, of not-so-Artful Dodgers who are as desperate to survive as anyone well acquainted with our Great Recession.

American Buffalo
Jan 11–Feb 3,
Seattle Repertory Theatre, $15–$80 (recommended for ages 17 and up)

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