1. Despite the (fairly conclusive) news that San Francisco hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen has reached a deal to buy the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family, returning the Sonics to Seattle, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that officials in Sacramento are still committed to inking a deal that would keep the team in California. Sacramento's mayor, former NBA player Kevin Johnson, is working to put together a group of investors to buy the team and keep them in Sacramento, the PSBJ reports. 

2. At the News Tribune, Peter Callaghan argues that state Sen. Pam Roach (R-31, Auburn) was reinstated as a member of her party in good standing because the so-called Majority Coalition Caucus—a group of 23 Republicans and two conservative Democrats—"values power at any cost."

The MCC needs 25 votes; therefore, Roach, he argues, has been welcomed back as a member of the caucus despite repeated displays of abusive behavior toward her staffers. 

"Roach got a get-out-of-jail-free card last week because without her, the Majority Coalition Caucus would not have a majority of votes in the Senate."—Tacoma News Tribune

"Roach got a get-out-of-jail-free card last week because without her, the Majority Coalition Caucus would not have a majority of votes in the Senate," Callaghan writes. "She is back because she is the 25th vote.

"Without her, new Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom would again be a not-especially welcome member of the Senate Democratic Caucus. Without her, Sens. Mark Schoesler and Linda Evans Parlette would again be relegated to minority party powerlessness."

3. In an op/ed for the Ballard News Tribune, state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-43, Seattle) repeated her newsmaking soundbite from the opening day of the session last week when the Republican-powered MCC took over, saying the senate is now "BINO," or "Bipartisan in Name Only," and says she turned down the opportunity to chair the higher education committee (unlike three other Democrats) because she didn't want to grant legitimacy to the new regime.

"I believe it would have been hypocritical to chair a committee within a Senate structure I believed to be bipartisan in name only," she writes.

4. At the Everett Herald, Jerry Cornfield lays out five things he believes new Governor Jay Inslee must do to be successful. Among them: Create green jobs; don't raise taxes (one of his pre-election promises); and meet the state's obligation to fully fund public education. 

5. The Hill reports that the FAA's grounding of Boeing's Dreamliner could spell financial trouble for the airplane manufacturer: The Seattle-based company's stock was down 0.22 percent on Friday after dropping by more than 3 percent earlier in the week.

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