The extremest of the extreme. Image via Samuel Adams.

 Utopias is special-edition blended creation that boasts a 29-percent ABV, complex flavors that include strong notes of brandy. It’s aged for the better part of 20 years  and comes in a decanter-shaped bottle—which usually costs around $190, or more on eBay. Oh, and it’s not a rarefied distilled liquor. We’re talking about a beer here. An uncarbonated beer made by Boston brewery Samuel Adams. 

This creation is considered the most expensive beer in the world. And Super Deli Mart, that quirky White Center convenience store-slash-beer-mecca, is selling tastes on Tuesday. A $30 ticket gets you an ounce of Utopias between 5 to 7pm, plus taste of six other high-end beers from the Sam Adams roster. Oh, and did I mention you have to buy your ticket in advance at Super Deli Mart? Address is 9051 35th Ave SW. 

Tan Vinh has all the specifics over at the Seattle Times. And here’s the official Sam Adams spiel on Utopias. Oh, and if you’re into hunting extreme beers, don’t forget about these two happenings.


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