South Indian Bharatanatyam dancers at the Governor's ball to the tune of God Bless America.

Overheard at Gov. Jay Inslee's Governor's Inaugural Ball:  

Caffeinated News & Gossip

1. "The only thing I didn't like about Rob McKenna? He was from King County."

So said a former Democratic legislator.

2. A high paid corporate contract lobbyist threw his arm around new house Finance Chair Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36) and proclaimed:

"I need to bring some people by your office to talk about marijuana."

The veggie option at the Governor's Ball

3. "My veggie option is alcohol." A tipsy state legislator on the fact that the governor's ball was sorely lacking in veggie options. (Fizz went with lots of cookies).

And they added loudly: "I'm introducing a bill that has no impact, but the press loves it!" (They're right. We'll wait for someone to write about the bill before we I.D. this one.)

4. The Democrats removed their kooky member, Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-32) as ranking chair of the Government Operations Committee (and, in fact, took her off altogether) after the GOP coup installed their kooky member, Sen. Pam Roach (R-31) as the chair because:

"Nobody was ready for a matter/antimatter explosion."

"They put newbie state Sen. Bob Hasegawa (D-11) on the committee and made him the ranking member instead,"—this drunken analysis from a lobbyist continued—"welcome to the fucking senate!"

5. Some more analysis (from a Democratic state Rep):

Two freshman Democrats got appointed to the powerful Rules Committee in the state house—Seattle Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-36) and Tacoma Rep. David Sawyer (D-29). How'd they get such a plum committee assignment? Evidently by not asking for it.

"There will be no bipartisanship."—a powerful Republican state rep.

When asked to submit a list of the five committees they were interested in, freshman were specifically told not to pick Rules.

"A couple requested Rules anyway, and leadership wanted to set them straight by selecting a few others."

6. "There may be some bipartisanship on the senate side with [Sen. Rodney] Tom. But not on the house side. Frank [House Speaker Rep. Frank Chopp, D-43] locks it up. There will be no bipartisanship." So said a powerful Republican house Rep.

Dragon ice sculpture in the food tent at last night's ball.

 7. "I can't stand that guy." So said a Democratic rep about new senate majority leader, Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Medina).

8. Here's our coverage of Inslee's inauguration speech.


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