With less than an hour left in her term, Gov. Chris Gregoire stopped by the Olympia press corps office today for a friendly farewell.

And with rumors going around about the possibility that she's up for now-outgoing Obama Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar's spot in the other Washington, the press was still poking microphones in her face.

Asked point blank by several reporters about job offers, she kept coyly mum. She did say, "I'm not done, retirement is not in my vocabulary" and would not deny (or confirm) that she had been talked to about potential jobs in D.C. "If you get a call to serve from the President, well..."

Gregoire was a wonk til the end as she talked about her new role on the Ex/Im Board, where she'll work to fight for Boeing and she gave intricate advice about Hanford cleanup talking about low-level plants, high-level plants and pre-treatment.

Her first order of business, though, she said, was going skiing in Idaho with some college buddies. It's an annual trip, and she lamented: "I've been AWOL for too long." She's heading out at 2:20, she said.



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