The Book of Mormon: funnier than the actual Book of Mormon.

Know how we've been talking about The Book of Mormon for the past, oh, year or so? And about how good it is? Then we have to mumble, "By the way, the entire run is sold out." All 15 shows.

But there's hope. The producers have made a limited number of tickets available by lottery before each performance. Here's how it works:

1. Get to the Paramount Theatre two-and-a-half hours before showtime to fill out a lottery entry form. (You may have to duck out of work a little early—some evening shows start at 7:30).
2. Two hours before each performance, they'll draw names for $25 tickets. You have to be present to win.
3. About 20 tickets are available by lottery each show. Winners get two tickets max.
4. If you don't win, you can enter again next time.
5. If you do win, you get to see a foul-mouthed, heartwarming musical about Mormon missionaries in Africa, with a traveling cast that's every bit as good as the original NY lineup, and a surprising star—Broadway newcomer Christopher John O'Neill as underdog Elder Cunningham—who's basically Zach Galifianakis with a haircut. Hilarious.

The Book of Mormon
Thru Jan 20, Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St

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