In a new show about beer, two brewers from the UK publicly state, on camera, their goal to pop your cherry, take your v-card, steal your maidenhead, and basically, to take all euphemism out of it, rob the craft beer virginity of one million lucky sods (or is it suds?) in America. And, no surprise, they filmed an episode in Seattle.

Esquire TV’s craft brewery show Brew Dogs has brewery owners James Watt and Martin Dickie traveling around America to make creative craft beers with expert brewers in each city. Not content with merely making good booze, the pair spends each episode taking brewing process to extreme, off-the-wall places; Matt Thompson of Elysian Brewing Company (our 2012 Most Likely to Become Famous brewery) describes it as "Top Gear, except with brewing."

For the Seattle episode, the Brew Dogs hit up a number of great local craft brewers, including Elysian and Elliott Bay Brewing. The hosts try to do something unique to each city; no surprise their Seattle visit centered on coffee. They spent some time with Elysian trying to make a hypercaffeinated beer. First Elysian created a special flavor just for the show, using Victrola coffee and cocoa nibs from Theo Chocolate; they brewed one regular batch and a made-for-TV extreme version with extra caffeine. Not only that, the show’s hosts and Elysian’s Dick Cantwell set up their brew system on the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. Yup—they brewed an imperial coffee chocolate stout on a couple of round trips on a moving boat.

And what’s beer without a party? After the brewing session, Elysian hosted a party at its Capitol Hill location, where a hundred people came to sample the new flavor. It was so popular that Elysian is planning on entering the creation into the Great American Beer Festival in October. Thompson was particularly excited about Washington’s craft breweries getting some attention over the wineries, for a change.

The show is set to premier September 24th, but the first episode won’t be Seattle. Still, you can bet our city's turn is will air soon after. And when it does, Elysian still has some imperial coffee chocolate stout left to pass around while the show is airing.