Even the blackboard is back. Photo via Sound Coffee and Morsel Facebook page.

Not to worry—there is biscuit life after Nook.

When the beloved University District biscuit spot suddenly closed its doors for good last April, customers were so impassioned by their love for these biscuits that they started a petition to bring them back.

Their wish was soon granted, but not exactly the way fans had expected. Nook reopened as Sound Coffee and Morsel the following month, bought and run by former Nook employee Kekoa Chin-Hidano. This new biscuit-cafe has a completely new recipe and menu, but otherwise a very similar look and feel; cozy booths still line the wall, and the menu is still written in chalk on the blackboard behind the counter. The business is run under the same premise as well: great coffee, friendly service, and most importantly, memorable biscuits.

Chin-Hidano and his chef, Domingo Ramos, also offer specials such as zucchini fritters and gazpacho, and recently developed a selection of house-made caramel sauces for some sweet coffee drinks. Sound's owner was particularly concerned with cutting down on wait times. While it wasn't uncommon to see long lines trailing out the door and down the block during the Nook era, Sound Coffee and Morsel has thus far kept lines to a minimum and cut down both wait times and customer gripes.

The cafe’s hours, currently 9am-3pm every day, are less erratic than the close-when-we-sell-out tradition of Nook. Sound is even planning to extend its Saturday morning hours. “There will always be changes,” says Chin-Hidano. “If we stay stagnant, we’ll rot into the ground.”

As for more immediate changes, Chin-Hidano says he’ll start offering frozen treats from local artisan ice pop company Six Strawberries this week. An unusual counterpart to biscuits, perhaps, but a welcome one this time of year.