Enter Elisabeth Dale, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls and founder of the TheBreastLife.com. Here’s her sage advice on keeping breasts firm and fetching.


Get Sporty
“You want a sports bra that has separate compartments for each breast,” says Dale. “Women’s breasts don’t just move up and down and side to side. They move in a figure eight. You want to contain that.”

Don’t Smoke
“Smoking has been shown to cause sagging breasts.” In fact, smoking causes sagging of all the skin of your body.

Watch Weight
It’s not about being super thin, but about avoiding frequent weight changes. “Yo-yo weight gain and loss can affect the elasticity of your skin.” And you may lose your boobs and not get the fat back in the same place.

Put sunscreen on the décolletage. “Expose skin, and you’re going to go from cleavage to ‘creaseage’ a lot quicker,” she says. “Moisturize your boobs and keep sunscreen on them at all times. That whole area is delicate.”

Stand Straight
“A lot of times women won’t stand up straight, so they look more saggy than they are.” Dale suggests focusing on posture and building pectoral and arm muscles. 

Many of us buy lingerie only for a new relationship. Change that. “If you’re wearing something amazing under your clothes, you’re going to feel like a rock star,” she says.

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