1. Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna says "incentives" can help reduce health-care costs, the Seattle Times reports. Like the "incentive" of limiting sick people's health-care spending to what they have in their medical savings accounts.

2. The Seattle Times"Truth Needle" twists itself in knots to claim that although McKenna did lobby for a raise for himself, and although he did oppose raising the minimum wage, he didn't do both at the same time. Their conclusion: Jay Inslee's ad claiming he lobbied for a raise "while" opposing the minimum-wage increase is false.

3. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that arena backer Chris Hansen has spent an average of $211 per square foot for the land he's bought in SoDo---" far more than the area’s typical range of $38-$151."

4. The Olympian mourns the loss of People for Puget Sound, "a voice for the water, watersheds and marine life struggling to survive in the Puget Sound basin in the face of population growth, habitat loss and pollution.

5. In what really ought to be a "duh," but isn't, the Tacoma News Tribune points out that voters can't expect to limit legislators' ability to raise revenues (with Tim Eyman's I-1185) and expect more services like health care and education.
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