1. Several arena skeptics, including Pacific Merchant Shipping Association spokesman Jordan Royer and Manufacturing Industrial Council director Dave Gering, who represent maritime and industrial interests---along with environmental attorney Peter Goldman and Seattle Mariners VP Bart Waldman---wrote a letter expressing their continued opposition to the proposed agreement between the city council and San Francisco hedge fund manager Chris Hansen's ArenaCo to build a new stadium in SoDo yesterday.

In the letter, the group argued that the agreement only "pays lip service" to environmental review of sites other than the one selected by Hansen, for which he has already purchased almost all the land; the council claimed on Monday that they will do a full environmental impact statement on all other potential sites for a new NBA team to locate, including KeyArena.

The proposed agreement, the letter says, "is a site-specific document that gives irreversible momentum to the Sodo location and renders toothless any future environmental-impact statement (EIS) studying alternate sites."

The letter asks for more time for the public to vet the proposed agreements between the city and Hansen's ArenaCo.

2. The US Navy plans to sell off 14 buildings, encompassing 26 housing units, in Discovery Park, the Wall Street Journal reports. Magnolia residents had opposed the development of low-income housing in the park, on the grounds that formerly homeless residents would bring crime to the area; that plan has since been shelved and the buildings will be used for market-rate housing.

3. As we noted earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial Rob McKenna is lagging behind his Democratic counterpart, Jay Inslee, in the latest SurveyUSA poll: 49-44. (This despite the fact that voters were more likely to think McKenna was "smarter" than Inslee---chalk one up for the nice guy, we guess.) Checking out the crosstabs on that poll, here's another interesting stat: Women, in particular, like Inslee (and revile McKenna):  Fully 53 percent of women say they'll vote for Inslee, compared to just 39 percent for Inslee.

4. Be sure to check out our report from yesterday evening on the flap between (pro-choice) state Rep. Deb Eddy (D-48) and Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48) and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington over NARAL's blanket condemnation of Republican state Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41) for his procedural vote against the pro-choice Reproductive Parity Act, in which Tom tells NARAL's executive director that it's "complete bullshit" to call Litzow's vote anti-choice. It's a must-read.
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