Kaylee Cole rocks out while performing Arcade Fire songs with SRO at Sasquatch Festival.

While the Seattle Rock Orchestra and its rotating cast of local vocalists can cover—and nail—just about any band’s catalog, no group is in its collective wheelhouse more than the band that brought chamber rock to the mainstream: Arcade Fire. Back in 2009, Seattle Rock Orchestra performed the entirety of Arcade Fire’s seminal debut LP Funeral for a sold-out crowd at Fremont Abbey and later played some of the band's tracks during a Sasquatch Festival mainstage set. Now, the orchestra returns to familiar ground and is doubling down.

On Saturday night at the Neptune, SRO will perform both Funeral and its followup Neon Bible in their entireties. The night’s lineup of guest vocalists includes Benjamin Verdoes (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band), Chris Cunningham (Ravenna Woods), Kaylee Cole, Ian Williams (The Thoughts), and Shenandoah Davis. It's only a matter of time before we get a triple-header SRO concert featuring Arcade Fire’s Grammy–winning album of the year, The Suburbs.

Can’t wait until Saturday? Tune into KEXP today at 1pm (or stream it from your work computer) to hear SRO cover select Arcade Fire tracks, live in studio, during "The Midday Show" hosted by Cheryl Waters.

Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs Arcade Fire
Aug 25 at 9, Neptune Theatre, $19

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