1. If we build the new arena, Seattle will be one of just four cities in the nation to have six major pro-sports franchises---plus UW football and basketball. Is there an audience for that many teams? The Seattle Times investigates.

2. Matthew Yglesias, the parking-obsessed columnist for Slate, praises Seattle's decision to get rid of minimum parking requirements in certain inner-city areas near frequent transit service.

3. Fun fact, from theTacoma News Tribune: Republican attorney general candidate Reagan Dunn owns more than 30 firearms, and does not support background checks for people seeking to buy guns or a ban on military-style assault weapons.

4. In Seattle, we're building a huge new parking garage to accommodate suburban commuters who want to take light rail from Northgate. In Denver, they're requiring less parking and allowing it much further away from light-rail stations, the Wall Street Journal reports.

5. Geekwire reviews the Seattle-to-Portland BoltBus, finds it lacking in leg room, inconvenient for families (because the seats are staggered), and bumpy. But it has free wifi.

6. If you're a lady, here's what Obamacare will mean for you starting tomorrow, courtesy of the Center for American Progress. (A sneak peak: Free birth control and STD screenings!)
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