Port of Seattle Chief of Staff Kurt Becket has responded to a letter that the County and City sent earlier this month listing $25 million worth in transportation projects that the County and City believed all three could collaborate on to, in part, ease the Port's concerns about traffic related to the arena proposal.

The letter reemphasizes what Port spokesman Peter McGraw said about the letter earlier this week: The projects are not related to the arena.

Read the letter here.

The key line: "The Port welcomes discussions about [an agreement] on the defined project list but without conditions related to support or opposition to the proposed arena MOU with the city and county."

The original letter from the county and city didn't condition the project list on the arena deal. King County Executive Chief of Staff Sung Yang told PubliCola the projects were merely brought "into focus" by the proposed arena deal.

But was the letter written as a threat that the County and City would scale back their cooperation with the Port if the Port continues to oppose the arena proposal?

“I don’t think there’s a threat,” Yang said. “It was written in a tone that we have to make this a constructive conversation.”

The letter, Yang said, was written “to memorialize ideas we’ve been meeting about and to communicate and acknowledge that very significant infrastructure is in the process of being constructed.”

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